Tired of coding all day? Go into the wild!

Sometimes we have long coding marathons. Dealing with bugs in the projects and coding for hours can be very painful if you repeat it every week. Sometimes you have to get up from your chair and leave your MacBook behind. But sitting on a couch, sleeping in bed or going for a movie is not … [Read more…]

Peakode App Portfolio

Almost 1 year past since we started this journey. During this period we’ve developed lots of iOS and Android applications. We had a privilege to work with amazing customers, entrepreneurs and development teams  since the beginning. I am very proud of my company’s app portfolio. And when I look at it, I feel very optimistic about … [Read more…]

Güzel işler yapıyoruz ve çok eğleniyoruz

 Peakode olarak 2014 yılında güzel işlere imza attık. 2015’in bundan çok daha dolu ve başarılı geçeceğine olan inancımız tam. Birbirini çok seven ve kelimenin tam anlamıyla “ekip” olmayı başarmış Peakode takımı var gücüyle yeni projeler üzerinde çalışmaya devam ediyor. “Peakode kimdir?” ve “Nasıl işler yapar?” sorularını tasarımcılarımızın ellerinden çıkan bu güzel sunumla anlattık. Yeni ekiplerle dostluk … [Read more…]

Our top level app is on Webrazzi

Uludag Kayak Merkezi application was built for the beautiful mountain of the Turkey, Uludağ. It’s a highly popular ski center in Turkey. And this app offers lots of features for its users who thinks to visit Uludağ. Our application is highly popular on these days. TechCrunch partner Webrazzi published a post about our app recently. Here is … [Read more…]

Peakode is growing fast

Our company is growing fast. Since we start building mobile applications we came too far. With an amazing team of engineers and designers we’ll achieve more than that in the near future. We will never settle down. Will always follow the latest technologies and stay at the edge.

Obfuscate / Encrypt a String in Java

This how you can decrypt an obfuscated string in Java. Give an obfuscated string that encrypted with a certain key value. private String obfuscateString(String str, String key) { byte[] data = str.getBytes(Charset.forName(“UTF-16BE”)); byte[] keyData = key.getBytes(Charset.forName(“UTF-16BE”)); byte[] keyPtr = keyData; int keyIndex = 0; for (int i = 0; i < data.length; i++) { char … [Read more…]

What if you forgot your Android keystore password?

Android keystore is so important for updating your application on the market. You shouldn’t forget your keystore password in order to sign your apk. Because forgeting your keystore password also means losing your application. You never want that. Let assume you forgot your keystore password. There is a method that you can restore it. But there … [Read more…]

How to easily make custom push notifications using Parse?

Sending push notificaitons to your users is very useful. And it is very simple with backend services like Parse. This tutorial can be helpful if you are familiar with the Parse. Otherwise you should at least finish simple push notification tutorial at Parse Tutorials. If you’ve already finished this tutorial you might noticed that this … [Read more…]